Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How To Make Cheese: Organic Farmer's Cheese

Farmers cheese is a simple, soft cheese that can be made at home in an evening.  It's not a complicated recipe and homemade cheese is fresher and healthier than that made with preservatives..  One of the  things people ask me is how to make farmers cheese like the kind I make. Below is my recipe for how to make home cheese:

1 gal organic whole milk
1 pinch salt
Juice of an organic lemon OR organic white vinegar (approx 2  T)
Food thermometer
Stock Pot for cooking
Bowl for straining
Collander for straining

Put the milk in the stock pot with the salt.  Bring to a boil over medium heat, being careful not to overcook the milk and scorching it on the bottom of the pot, or it will taste burnt.

When it just begins to boil, go ahead and turn off the burner (or gas). It should have reached a temperature of 160F to kill all the possible bad bacteria.  Use your thermometer to check.  Then, stir in the lemon juice or vinegar to curdle the milk.  It make take 5-15 minutes for the process to completely break down the whey and curds in all of the milk.

Line a collander with cheesecloth and place over the large bowl.  Pour the contents of the pot through the collander/cheesecloth and let the liquid go into the bowl.  The liquid contains whey which is good for you.  It can be used in recipes or drunk straight up.  What is left in the cheesecloth is the curd, which will form the cheese with pressure.  Use the cloth to strain all the last bits of whey out of the curd and to form the cheese into a soft ball shape.  You can twist or compress the cloth to achieve the desired result.  Either wrap in wax paper or store in a glass container in the refrigerator.  After being refrigerated, it will be firmer and easier to slice.  I leave mine in over night.  It will be good for approximately 7 days.  It can be frozen, if desired.

If you would like, you can add spices and herbs to the cheese like garlic, pepper, herbs or even chopped nuts, if that's your thing.

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